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Questions to Ask Your Child’s Doctor About OCD Medications

If your doctor prescribes medication for your child, asking the right questions can prepare you for any possible changes in your child’s behavior.

Asking questions before medication is prescribed will prepare you for any changes in your child’s behavior and any possible side effects.  Here are some questions to ask the doctor about OCD medications and children:

  • What are the possible side effects of this medication (short and long-term)?
  • How quickly does this medication typically work?
  • Will this medication affect my child’s behavior?
  • What possible drug interactions might there be?  (Inquire about any prescription medications your child may be taking, such as antibiotics, allergy medications or any other medication for an existing short or long-term condition.)
  • Are there any possible adverse interactions with over-the-counter medications, such as for a cold, the flu, upset stomach, or vitamin or herbal supplements?
  • Are there any possible adverse effects caused by foods?  (Ask about effects of sugar, caffeine, citrus—such as juices, milk, etc.)
  • How long will my child need to be on the medication?
  • At what point will you know if a dosage adjustment is needed (and how often will you reevaluate the dosage)?
  • What should I do if my child accidentally misses taking a dose of the medication?
  • What is a “normal” side effect—and when is the side effect serious enough to require medical care?
  • What should I do in an emergency—and how do I reach you?

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