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OCD and Holiday Giving

Posted by Janet Singer on Thursday, December 01, 2024

“I will never forget that feeling of being completely lost and alone, not knowing who to listen to or where to turn for help.”
This quote is from my first post on Connections, where I talk about my son Dan’s journey through severe OCD. Though this nightmare transpired almost four years ago, the fear I felt back then is still palpable, and is what fuels my advocacy for OCD awareness and proper treatment.

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Recognizing and Acknowledging OCD Symptoms

Posted by Janet Singer on Tuesday, November 01, 2024

Let’s say you wake up one morning and your leg hurts. You hobble around on it for a few days, but the pain gets worse. You tell yourself you’ll give it “one more day” and if it’s not better, you’ll call your doctor. Most of us can relate to this scenario where we’ve had a medical issue, we’ve kept an eye on it for a little while, and then we sought help, and a diagnosis.

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Fighting OCD - No More Secrets

Posted by Janet Singer on Monday, October 03, 2024

With the help of the Internet, my son Dan diagnosed himself with OCD at the age of seventeen. He had known something was wrong for at least a few years, but never told anyone. Wanting to get help before he left for college that coming fall, Dan mustered the courage to tell me his secret. We were in the car when he anxiously announced he had something really important to tell me. But he just couldn’t seem to get the words out.

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Posted by Janet Singer on Tuesday, September 06, 2024

Welcome to Connections, OCD Chicago’s new blog! My name is Janet Singer and I will be blogging about anything and everything to do with OCD. My posts will include current topics of interest to OCD sufferers and their families, and I also hope to connect with readers by sharing my own thoughts and experiences. So whether you are an OCD sufferer or you care about someone with OCD, this blog is for you.

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